Welcome to the Orangutan Conservation Education Center!

Are you an educator looking for new, innovative, and fun ways to teach kids about the importance of orangutan conservation?  You have come to the right place.  This portal is designed to aid educators in accessing constructive and engaging education materials from one centralized interface.  It is a compilation of information about the collaborative efforts of the AZA-accredited zoos (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) that are participants in the AZA Orangutan Species Survival Plan® (SSP). 

The toolbox of materials provided here are suitable for incorporation into a variety of educational settings.  Resources are not grade specific, but they are labeled for grade congruence when applicable.  The activities encompass videos and a variety of lesson plans that will encourage students to examine, question, and analyze the pressing matter of orangutan conservation.

The materials are meant to aid students of all ages to become empowered to initiate their own efforts to protect orangutans from extinction.  Encourage your students to share what they learn with their friends, classmates, and scout troop to help spread the word about these magnificent creatures.  Please direct your students to the Kids Action Center portion of this site if they wish to learn more about what they can do. Inspire your kids to visit their local zoo to get the know the orangutans in their neighborhood!

Thanks for visiting, and please come back often to see what’s new!


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New education resource available!

Check out the new Ovations for Orangutans education curriculum created for us by Conservation and Education Specialist Ruth Habrecht.  

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