Kids Making A Difference

Anjali holds up a sign that made the shoppers aware of the palm oil crisis.

The team worked the crowd and turned their toys into cash for orangutans.







A team of four elementary and middle school students in Orlando, Florida teamed up to raise money to help save orangutans.  They cleaned out their closets, made signs, and worked the crowds to spread the word about what is happening to these special animals.  They inspired people to care. Their efforts paid off!  It was a hot, overcast day but they managed to raise $300.  The money was sent to support REACT and will be used to plant trees to create corridors for the orangutans.   One of the enterprising children remarked, “If we can make this much money on a hot, rainy day in Florida, imagine what other kids can do.”  Sounds like a challenge to me . . . What can you do?  Organize your own fundraiser, take pictures, and send them in to be featured on this website!


Rhiannon and Madison, two amazing young ladies.

Rhiannon and Madison are two amazing Girl Scouts making a big difference in the lives of orangutans.  In their own words:   “In 2007, we met on our school’s basketball team and quickly became friends. When we realized that we were both Girl Scouts and shared a common hero, Dr. Jane Goodall, we decided to work together to earn our Girl Scout Bronze Award by doing research in our local community about the endangered orangutan. While doing research, we discovered that their rainforest habitat is being cleared for the production of palm oil and that this dreaded ingredient was in the Girl Scout cookies we’ve sold since childhood. We then set out to ensure that these cookies are truly rainforest-safe. Seven years later, the Girl Scouts have adopted a palm oil policy that is not the final solution to this issue, but is an exciting step in the right direction. Working with the Philadelphia Zoo, we have designed a Guardian of the Rainforest badge so that other girls can learn about this issue and take action in a positive manner. We’re so excited to have this opportunity to share this cause we’re so passionate about with other girls and to help them realize the power they have, at any age, to advocate for change!”

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the palm oil crisis and how it negatively impacts orangutans.